All About Caddytek Ez Explained

The caddytek ez fold is a type of push golf cart since the game of golf has been played, there always felt a need for some easier way to transport all the golf clubs, player accessories and golf balls across the vast golf field. To travel with them from one post to another is simply not feasible. Then came the most primitive golf cart with just wheels and a trolley. Well, those days are long gone past. The cutting edge technology has percolated into every part of our lives, so why not golf as well. This is where Caddytek Ez comes into the picture. It has literally ‘pushed’ the limits of innovation in the push gold cart category.caddytek ez fold

It has been the harbinger of change in this relative niche segment. One of the best and most desired features of this cart is the one-click mechanism. It is so brilliant that the owners had to patent it. You can hold and unfold this pushcart in very easy steps. It has been designed in such a way that this patent-holding bag holder easily fits a stand bag. This also makes it a delight to push around and tracking straight. When you are in the blistering sun on a hot afternoon, you would give anything for a cold beer during the break. This cart has got you covered. A built-in cooler is bound to quench your thirst for sure. Other cool features include an umbrella holder, a luxury scorecard holder, and beverage holder. Whose mornings and afternoons at the local golf course just got brighter? Yours, surely!

What are the features of Caddytek Ez fold?

You can definitely check the integrity and durability of the strong aluminum frame. The best part is that despite a strong frame, it is quite lightweight and easy to carry once it is folded by the one-click mechanism. The three wheels are provided with ball bearings for minimum wear and tear while simultaneously ensuring a smooth ride on every terrain you would encounter on a golf course. As already mentioned, the patented bag holder is easily fit on sandbags and cart bags.

The handle is designed in such a way that it is ergonomic, padded and highly adjustable. You can push it from multiple positions with ease.

The biggest sell for this push cart is the ease and convenience of folding and unfolding with the patent one-click mechanism. Gone are the days when you had to open up an instruction manual every time you wanted to pack or unpack your push golf cart.

To keep the tracking straight when you want it to, the front wheel is aligned in such a way.

You have got the best place to keep the proof of your conquest as well as the spoils of the victory in the form of luxury scorecard holder attached with beverage holder, storage area and umbrella holder.

Built-in cooler and basket along with foot brakes to make stopping easier are provided in this cart.




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