Bowling Balls For Beginners.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Bowling Balls For Beginners

It’s not every time that you are working or busy doing your work all day round. You do have your leisure. What you might think of doing in your free time? Play cards with your friends, watch movies or play some kind of recreational sports. If you are thinking of going out and spending some time with your friends then everyone would agree to do bowling.

What is bowling?

Bowling Balls For Beginners.

It is a recreational game generally available for playing in the malls or in the bowling arenas. You have to hit the target generally ten bowling pins with a ball. Each time you have to try to knock down as many pins as possible in the first go. If you are a rookie then you might be looking for Bowling Balls For Beginners.

Mostly ten bowling pins are used as the targets and the ball used for this purpose has three holes, two for the fingers and one for the thumb. Being a beginner you might be having difficulty in handling the traditional bowling balls. So, you must consider the following factors before choosing the type of bowl for the game of bowling:


There is a general conception of that more the ball is heavier the better it is. But handling the heavier balls is also an art to understand. Heavier balls don’t mean that you have to have a great body built as it will be requiring a lot of effort. In fact, a little Physics is involved in this case. The more efficiently you hold the ball and the more you make the motion of your arm resembling a pendulum, more are the chances of you hitting a maximum number of pins in one go. You can also get custom made Bowling Balls For Beginners in which hole will be drilled according to your palm so you don’t have to squeeze the ball while holding it. Lighter balls are having a disadvantage of getting bounced over the bowling pins so even a perfect throw might not get you the desired results. So always choose a ball a few pounds heavier.


It is the outer most layer of appropriate thickness allowing you to have a firm grip on the ball. It is also responsible for the way the ball reacts to the surface of the lane. Coverstock is made of porous material to give the ball a better grip on the lane.  There are several types of coverstock used for Bowling Balls For Beginners, they are:

  • Pearl- they are shiny and smooth. It has an angular motion and will suit a beginner
  • Solid- they hook earlier and are much stronger
  • Hybrids- it combines the features of pearl and solid


It refers to the weight block embedded in the ball. Beginners must choose the ball with a core that suits them the best because each core imparts specific motion to the ball. Pancake, symmetric, and asymmetric are the type of cores available amongst which symmetric core balls are the best choice for the beginners.

If you are new to the recreational game of bowling then entering the bowling alley and instantly proving yourself won’t be possible until you select a good Bowling Balls For Beginners.


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