The Yamaha Fg 830 Review – A Best in Class Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha has been a top manufacturer of musical instruments like keyboards, guitars, pianos, drums and many other instruments. They employ a very good craftsmanship combined with the cutting edge technology to make their instruments on a class of their own. Not just instruments, they also have a wide range of other products like synthesizers, percussions and music production tools. The Fg series of Yamaha guitars are no exception to it. Yamaha Fg 830 review that the customers provide after its purchase is very good from the Fg series. It is a classic full sized traditional guitar made with a solid Sitka spruce and, sides and back made of rosewood to give a very good finish.

Specifications of the Yamaha Fg830

Yamaha Fg 830 review

The Yamaha fg 830 like its predecessors offers the best playability without having to spend a fortune on the acoustic guitar. It has a better sound which is both stronger and louder than its predecessors due to the cutting edge technology used by Yamaha to design its body. The traditional look and feel accompanied by the best in class quality used to manufacture it has led to the Yamaha Fg 830 review to be better than the previous models. The new scalloped bracing in the guitar allows for the richer sound generation in the low and mid tones. It is also available in a variety of colours for the finish. Sun burst, Autumn burst and Dusk sun red are a few of those colours. The Fg 830 comes in full size with a nato neck and the best matte finish for ease of playing. The Yamaha Fg 830 review has been really good also because of the good finish to the fingerboard and bridge which are made with rosewood to have a durability. The model comes only with a dreadnought top.

Additional features

The guitar is equipped with a chrome die-cast turners on the head to adjust the strings. It comes with a set of Black ABS pins to secure the stings in the bridge. The Yamaha Fg 830 review is excellent comparing to other acoustic guitars in the same price range also due to its good appearance. It has a cream body binding with a black and white sound hole inlay. The guitar also comes with a turquoise pick guard and a hex wrench for string removal and changing purposes.

The Fg 830 guitar produced by Yamaha is a full length acoustic guitar which comes with a very good appearance and life which is guaranteed due to the quality and durability provided by Yamaha. The Fg 830 can be used for both solo performances where the sound quality is optimum and also for a band performances. It comes in a myriad of colours and with a neat hand sprayed finish to keep up the shiny appearance. After passing a variety of analysis and simulations, the Yamaha Fg 830 review is best in class for an acoustic guitar which can be lifelong partner.  It is a good choice for starters and accustomed players.

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